Processes are interrelated in the chemical industry. Inefficiencies in one area affects the neighboring process, which can magnify even further to become extremely costly problems. In the processing operation, the wire mesh filtering system at critical points can reduce these risks and reduce the operating costs and improve the quality of the final product.

Lots of chemical plants reply on filtration of various types of wire meshes to achieve the desired reaction and separation. The efficient filtration system is importantly needed in purifying feed-stocks, removing emulsions from liquids, filtration for process fluid reuses and final production of the purification. Runtech’s wire mesh plays a very important role in the filtration system.

Power and Utilities

Filtering particles out of oil, gas, water and waste water streams can improve the process efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.Runtech’s wire mesh in filtration and separation have a broad range of applications in the renewable power and utilities industry.Removal of contaminants from process fluids such as water, gas and oil ensure that each piece of equipment remains working with the highest possible efficiency.

Catalyst Support and Separators

Our wire mesh as the base in catalytic distillation is used in upstream and downstream oil & gas projects, and a wide range of other energy related project and used in tanks and containment vessels and their associated systems for the oil & gas, water & waste-water, mining and nuclear industries.

Runtech’s supporting and separating wire meshes operate within precious metal recovery catchment packs in ammonia oxidation plants in the world.