Refinery & Hydraulic and Lubrication


Liquid-solid filtration is mainly import substitute to many industrial processes. Vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in the processing of Vegetable oil, Edible oils and fertilizer industries.

Square meshes offer support and inner drainage in the construction of plates. Matched meshes with Plain dutch weaves and reversed plain dutch weaves are the preferred filter media in the filtration.

Runtech metal mesh is a leading manufacturer of both the filter media and support meshes used in the construction of the filter leaves.

We deliver:
• Wire Cloths in rolls
• Wire cloths pre-cut panel

Hydraulic / Lubrication

Unsolicited particles have to be filtered from hydraulic and lubrication liquids in order to protect the following aggregates. Various kinds of wire cloth elements are used.

• Mobile aggregates such as tractors, fork lifts, excavators etc.
• Shipbuilding / Marine
• Wind Power Stations
• Lubricants
• Tank Filling

We deliver:
• Wire Cloths
• Filter Candles plain or pleated
• Filter Cylinders