Anping Runtech Metal Mesh co., ltd is leaded by a aggressive team with combined experience for over 40 years in serving wire mesh industry. We are a customer focused company providing quality product, honest price and excellent service.

Our facilities have different looms weaving Stainless steel wire mesh, Carbon steel wire mesh, Brass wire mesh, Copper and Bronze wire mesh, Galvanized wire mesh and Vinyl coated wire mesh. We also produce other alloys, including exotic alloy wire meshes.

We can manufacture many kinds of filter elements, such as single layer screen, spot welded screens, mesh cylinders and in-strainers, shaped filters, basket filters, bordered filters and stand-up gaskets, pleated filters, leaf discs and others.

Anping Runtech Metal Mesh co., ltd maintains different type of weaving looms for fine mesh and coarse mesh and Crimped wire mesh. Our partnered facilities have machines producing Welded wire mesh and Vinyl coated wire mesh.

We have equipment of punching, welding, bending, cutting, pressing for many kinds of fabricated parts of mesh and filters.

Our wire mesh products are widely used in Polymer filtration, Plastic and rubber recycling, Automotive, Chemical and Petrochemical, Power generation, Mining and aggregating, Refinery and Hydraulic filtration,Paper and pulp, Water treatment, Sugar and Beverage, food processing, oil and gas industries, and as insect screen, security guards, construction and enforcement etc.

Anping Runtech Metal Mesh Co., Ltd manages fabricating facilities consisting of equipment to guarantee the quality, such as Inox X-ray gun, mesh counting, wire testing, flatting and stretching,precise cutting,calendaring, welding and stamping. We could also offer annealing and cleaning with our partnered facilities in Anping, China.

At Runtech, we promise that a small part of our wire mesh or a little piece of filter element will be inspected 100% before any shipment as quality standards such as ASTM E2016, ISO 9044, DIN, JIS or as some agreed requirements.And we have the quality traceability system. We are able to find the cause and provide 8D report within 48 working hours.

It is difficult to be 100% correct all the time. So, continuous improvement is essential to our future development, and exceeding your expectation is necessary to long term partnership with our clients.