Filtration meshes from Runtech metal mesh in the automotive industry can be used to create fuel filters, oil filters, diesel filters, fuel filters, industrial filters. Wire […]


Processes are interrelated in the chemical industry. Inefficiencies in one area affects the neighboring process, which can magnify even further to become extremely costly problems. In […]

Mining and Screening

Runtech Metal Mesh is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered screening media. We could provide best quality of wire mesh screens for many industries e.g. aggregate, mining, sand […]

Pulp & Paper Separation

Various kinds of Runtech meshes are used during the manufacturing process of paper, e.g. filtration of water or processing of paper coating. The pulp and paper manufacturing process […]

Polymer Filtration/Plastic Recycling

Metal wire meshes from Runtech are used in all production lines for manufacturing and processing of extruded plastics. Applications range from recycling of plastics, right through to ultra-fine filtration in microfibers […]

Refinery & Hydraulic and Lubrication

Refinery Liquid-solid filtration is mainly import substitute to many industrial processes. Vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in the processing of Vegetable oil, Edible oils and […]

Security and Insect

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Sugar and Beverage

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Crude oil and Petroleum

FILTRATION MESH AND SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS MADE OF METAL MESH FOR OIL FILTRATION Petrochemical Runtech metal mesh in our clients’ purification equipment helps keep turbo machinery turbine lube oil in […]

Water Filtration

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