Filtration meshes from Runtech metal mesh in the automotive industry can be used to create fuel filters, oil filters, diesel filters, fuel filters, industrial filters. Wire […]


Processes are interrelated in the chemical industry. Inefficiencies in one area affects the neighboring process, which can magnify even further to become extremely costly problems. In […]

Mining and Screening

Runtech Metal Mesh is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered screening media. We could provide best quality of wire mesh screens for many industries e.g. aggregate, mining, sand […]

Pulp & Paper Separation

Various kinds of Runtech meshes are used during the manufacturing process of paper, e.g. filtration of water or processing of paper coating. The pulp and paper manufacturing process […]

Polymer Filtration/Plastic Recycling

Metal wire meshes from Runtech are used in all production lines for manufacturing and processing of extruded plastics. Applications range from recycling of plastics, right through to ultra-fine filtration in microfibers […]

Refinery & Hydraulic and Lubrication

Refinery Liquid-solid filtration is mainly import substitute to many industrial processes. Vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in the processing of Vegetable oil, Edible oils and […]

Security and Insect

Wire Mesh Screen for Guards and Security Wire mesh screens are ideal guards and protective screens for equipment and machinery. Mesh guards offer great protection while […]

Sugar and Beverage

FILTRATION WIRE MESHES FOR THE BEVERAGE INDUSTRY Stainless steel meshes from Runtech Metal Mesh are used in the beverage industry’s precoat filter systems. These filtration meshes are used in […]

Crude oil and Petroleum

FILTRATION MESH AND SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS MADE OF METAL MESH FOR OIL FILTRATION Petrochemical Runtech metal mesh in our clients’ purification equipment helps keep turbo machinery turbine lube oil in […]

Water Filtration

FILTRATION MESHES AND FILTER ELEMENTS FOR PROCESS WATER FILTRATION Runtech produces filtration meshes and filter elements, which are used in different process stages and applications of water […]