Pulp & Paper Separation

Various kinds of Runtech meshes are used during the manufacturing process of paper, e.g. filtration of water or processing of paper coating.

The pulp and paper manufacturing process can be particularly taxing on lube and hydraulic oils. In lube systems, solid particles can cause bearing surface wear, lowering expected bearing life. In addition, water contamination in bearing housings can be an even a greater contributor to lessening bearing life. Hydraulic system pumps, valves, and cylinders all are affected negatively with particulate and water contamination.

The solution to oil contamination control, and to shield your pulp and paper making operation from the effects of oil contamination, are Runtech wire meshes in Filtration oil conditioning and purification systems.

We deliver:

  • Wire Cloth in rolls.Pre-cut parts
  • Wire mesh pre-cut parts
  • Basket Filters/Cylinders