Polymer Filtration/Plastic Recycling

Metal wire meshes from Runtech are used in all production lines for manufacturing and processing of extruded plastics. Applications range from recycling of plastics, right through to ultra-fine filtration in microfibers or critical cellulose-based applications.





We deliver:
• Discs and Screens
• Ring Discs (Donut Screens)
• Filter Cylinders

Melt filter belts

Meshes for automatic screen changers are all built with high-strength metal wires. This allows to guarantee the material against any type of breakage during their use.The high-strength melt filter belt is the best choice for continue filter in plastic recycling.

Here below the comparative table of High-strength automatic filter belts:

Micron Alternative to mesh
90 22 x 140
100 24 x 110
200 14 x 110
250 14 x 88
300 10 x 106
350 8 x 70
400 8 x 55