Filtration meshes from Runtech metal mesh in the automotive industry can be used to create fuel filters, oil filters, diesel filters, fuel filters, industrial filters.
Wire mesh is used both in air, oil and fuel intake, as well as in exhaust gas re-circulation systems and in particle oxidation catalytic converters in cars.

We produce durable filter media, prefabricated filter parts, mesh strips, formed filters and mesh cylinders for the automotive industry.



Functions at their best

  • Optimal dosing and distribution of fuels
  • Electrical contact capabilities
  • Filtering of oils and additives

Safety and functionality have the highest importance in the aviation and aerospace industry. The use of filters and fabricated parts in aircraft and spaceships is a good case of the range of applications of woven wire cloth in an industrial sector.

Functions at their best

  • Protection of control and engines
  • Air filtration
  • Fuel filtration (suspended water and particulate)
  • Panelling for noise absorption (acoustic insulation)Automotive