Security and Insect

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Wire Mesh Screen for Guards and Security

Wire mesh screens are ideal guards and protective screens for equipment and machinery. Mesh guards offer great protection while allowing high visibility to moving parts of the machine.

Wire Mesh Screen , also known as security screen, its characters of aesthetic beauty and fire-and-knife proof is making security mesh to replace the traditional iron grating for preventing burglary. In addition, not only keep thief out from houses, security screens can also be used as insect screens to separate mosquitoes.

Our Security Screen Mesh has past the following tests:

Dynamic impact test AS/NZ 5039-2003.

Knife shear test AS/NZ 5039-2003.

800lbs breaking strength test.

Runtech Metal Meshs Security Screen Specifications list:

Mesh Count Wire Dia. Material
12 mesh 0.58mm/0.023″ Stainless Steel
12 mesh 0.71mm/0.028″ Stainless Steel
10 mesh 1.20mm/0.047” Stainless Steel
11 mesh 0.80mm/0.032″ Stainless Steel With Black Epoxy Coating
10 mesh 0.90mm/0.035″ Stainless Steel With Black Epoxy Coating
10 mesh 0.80mm/0.032″ Stainless Steel With Black Epoxy Coating
10 mesh 0.90mm/0.035″ Galvanized With Black Epoxy Coating
10 mesh 0.80mm/0.032″ Galvanized With Black Epoxy Coating


SS 316 Screen with Black Coating          SS 316 Security Screen

We could supply the Security Screen mesh in rolls and “Cut-to-Size” pieces per our clients’ individual demands. They are used in the following applications after our clients’ capacity in their workshop:

Insect mesh screens

In order to ensure better protection from tiny insects, Runtech metal mesh of insect screen is ideal for protection against gnats, sand flies, and other tiny irritating insects. Runtech insect screen features a thicker yarn and tighter weave construction which forms a barrier to keep smaller insects out, without obstructing airflow and offering a more enjoyable outdoor environment.

  • Tighter weave provides better insect protection than standard screen especially for tiny bugs
  • Ideal for low marshy, coastal, and wooded areas
  • Perfect for use in gazebos, porches, and pool enclosures