Specialty Coated Woven Wire Mesh

Galvanized Woven Wire Mesh 

Runtech metal mesh produces and distributes a wide range of galvanized Woven Wire Mesh is popular for many industrial and commercial applications due to its most economical means of resisting rust and corrosion. Applications include screens for vents, louvers, security guards, baskets, racks, trays, cages, dehydrators and miscellaneous sheet metal fabrications.

Mesh Wire Opening Material Weave Type
(Count) (mm) (mm)
5 0.8 4.28 Galvanized Steel Plain
6 0.7 3.53 Galvanized Steel Plain
7 0.8 2.83 Galvanized Steel Plain
8 0.6 2.58 Galvanized Steel Plain
10 0.8 1.74 Galvanized Steel Plain
12 0.37 1.75 Galvanized Steel Plain
14 0.5 1.31 Galvanized Steel Plain
16 0.6 0.99 Galvanized Steel Plain
18 0.5 0.91 Galvanized Steel Plain
20 0.5 0.77 Galvanized Steel Plain
24 0.34 0.72 Galvanized Steel Plain
36 0.24 0.47 Galvanized Steel Plain

Copper Coated Wire Mesh

Copper Coated Wire Mesh is used for many decoration and filtration applications.

Mesh Wire Material Weave Type
(Count) (mm)
18X14 0.23 Copper coated Plain
18X14 0.18 Copper coated Plain
18X16 0.25 Copper coated Plain


Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Mesh and Stainless Steel Mesh

Epoxy Coated Steel Mesh is used for many industrial and commercial screening applications and is one of the most economical means of resisting rust and corrosion. Applications include insect window screen, security screen and hydraulic filtration as supporting parts.

Mesh (Count) Wire   (mm) Material SS 304/SS316/Carbon Weave Type
10X10 0.90X0.90 Epoxy coated Plain
11X11 0.80X0.80 Epoxy coated Plain
12X12 0.60X0.60 Epoxy coated Plain
18X14 0.18X0.18 Epoxy coated Plain
18X16 0.23X0.23 Epoxy coated Plain
12X10 0.25X0.25 Epoxy coated Plain